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Auldton Laughing Club

Sep 26, 2020

In which Laura gets a special kind of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from bleeping bad words, learns about empathy from her son, and breaks the 4th wall with the Auldton narrator.

Anti-racism action of the episode:

LEAP is the Law Enforcement Accountability Project

Contact Laura at: 

Sep 19, 2020

In which Laura counts signs, bleeps a bad word, and takes off her mask.

Special thanks to: Dr. Carlie Tartakov, Mark Mensh

Anti-racism action of the episode: get a Black Lives Matter sign, mask, etc.

Contact Laura at: at: 

Audiobook narrator: Allen McRae


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Sep 13, 2020

In which Laura sees a ghost, learns a song, watches a statue fall, and Auldton feels change coming.

Special thanks to: Dr. Ellsworth Weaver, Mara Seaforest, Barbara Amster, Morgan Geddes, Whitney Petrilli, Andrea Martens.

Anti-racism action of the episode: donate to the NAACP Fauquier County:

Sep 7, 2020

In which Laura rings nonexistent bells, takes the Implicit Bias Test, and takes a pilgrimage to Emily Dickinson's grave.

Service Dogs Of Virginia:

Thank you, Demetria Shabazz for the Amherst Town Hall bells audio from the excellent Juneteenth 2020 Celebration, from...