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Auldton Laughing Club

Dec 29, 2020

In which: Angeline comes out of a dark closet, Allison weaponizes blue words to vanquish shame, Regan identifies the analogy to describe 2020.

Special guests: Allison, Regan, Angeline, Chaney, Sarah, Green, Woodly, Martha, Mary, Ann, Lewis, Henry, Lucy, John, and Simon

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Dec 18, 2020

In which we learn about Laura’s criminal past, call in cancel culture, and change the titles of our First Ladies.

Special guest, Professor Loretta J. Ross

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Dec 5, 2020

In which Laura asks if Fiona is a Karen, considers white guilt, and meets Grandpa Rudd.

Special guest: Dr. Cassandra Newby-Alexander

On December 5 at 6:00 pm the Fauquier History Museum at the Old Jail will host Dr. Cassandra Newby-Alexander, professor of history at Norfolk State University, for a virtual lecture on...

Nov 23, 2020

In which Laura reveals her travel tricks for trick knees, meets Philipos, and learns why everyone needs a Nadine.

Special guests: Philipos Melaku-Bello, Nadine Seiler


Special thanks for the help of cousin Robyn, her friend Lulu, Carmen, Regina, and of course Mark.

Anti-racism action of the episode: support the...

Nov 9, 2020

In which Laura takes turns, remembers That Guy, and has her mom turn the tables.

Special thanks:

  • Auldton listeners who sent voice clips: G&C T, BS, AS, KM, GM, LE, and the estimable JF.
  • Black in the Valley podcast: WHMP’s Bill Newman, who hosts the program, and mom’s partner in the show, Rev- Dr. Jacquelyn...